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This document describes the type of information we may collect about you and outlines what we intend to do with the said information.

We tried to keep it as plain english as possible.

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Location Information: -

While using this site we may collect such location information as: -
  • Your computer and network location and identification data: This info is used to deliver you location specific content, and in some cases to track and filter ourselves and our clients from malicious attacks.
  • Your referring website, site entry point, pages visited, site exit point, and subsequent web pages: This info us used to help us with the online marketing of our website.

Personal and Enterprise Information: -

While using this site or dealing with us we may collect such personal and/or enterprise information as: -
  • Your postal address, email addresses, and phone numbers: This info is used to contact and serve you as our valued client.
  • Your enterprise postal address, email addresses, and phone numbers: This info is used to contact and serve your enterprise as our valued client.
  • You, or your enterprises delicate information related to your business dealings as required by the services that we provide: This info is used to aide us in best providing your requested services.

Sharing Information: -

We do not share any information collected with anyone unless: -
  • They are an employee of ours with appropriate security clearance and require the info to serve you or your enterprise.
  • They are a law officer with the appropriate legal warrant for the release of information.

We treat your information with the utmost integrity and we do not sell or spam your information.

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