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Please use the facilities on this page to order your phone connection and related services.
For assistance please phone us on 1300 94 93 94.

Service Order Form
Step 1 – customize: This section is for optionally customizing your services.
Qty Item Description Info Price Total
Systems Design Workshop Systems Design Workshop Sit down with a specialist and design your I.T. Infrastructure to optimally serve your enterprise. We can help you to gain clarity, understanding, and direction as well as make your implementation plan. Each Qty unit is 2 hours of consultation and does not include travel to your venue for non-local clients. Info Icon $240 $0.00
1800/1300 Number Setup 1800/1300 Number Setup Registration of your randomly selected 1800 or 1300 number includes analysis of your requirements and administration fee for sign-up to plan via our partner. For D.I.Y (Recommended) please click the info link in the next column. Info Icon $120 $0.00
Office Phone System Office Phone System Purchase and installation of your office phone system charged per handset. Price includes handset and installation but not phone call charges which are specific to your provider. Info Icon $380 $0.00
Sub Total $0.00
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Please contact me via my which is .

Hammer IconDIY 1800/1300 Number Connection

If you are a small business with limited budget and some spare time then this is one requirement which you can take care of yourself and save paying us a fee.

For DIY 1800/1300 Number: Contact a 1800/1300 Number provider. We have received great support and service at amazing prices from TelcoFusion. Otherwise google up a provider that services your area and follow their provided instructions.

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