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Please use the facilities on this page to order your internet marketing and related services.
For assistance please phone us on 1300 94 93 94.

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Qty Item Description Info Price Total
Marketing Design Workshop Marketing Design Workshop Sit down with a specialist and design your marketing campaigns to best suit your enterprise. We can design and manage your online, hardcopy, and broadcast marketing campaigns. Each Qty unit is 2 hours of consultation and does not include travel to your venue for non-local clients. Info Icon $240 $0.00
Website Design and Development Website Design and Development Your website is your online shopfront. Basic fee includes templated website with up to 3 pages containing word, link, and image content. Your website is branded with your logo, slogans, and color scheme if you have purchased our ‘Logo and Branding’ service or if you can provide. For additional webpages please see ‘Additional Web Pages’ in the next row. Info Icon $600 $0.00
Additional Web Pages Additional Web Pages Adds a webpage to your website. Price each includes a single web page containing word, link, and image content. You must already have a website, otherwise see ‘Website Design and Development’ in the previous row. Info Icon $120 $0.00
Website Hosting Website Hosting Host Your Website. Your website needs to reside on a website server. Price includes one year of our basic website hosting plan. If we make your website then your first year of hosting with us is free. Info Icon $60 $0.00
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Hammer IconDIY Internet Marketing

Its a deep and varying topic but basically its all about your online community. So make links to your site from other related sites that are established with a reasonable page rank.
Make sure that your site and the sites linking to your site have integrity (meaning they do what they say they do).
Prepare yourself for months of tedious work without seeing results until the end.
If you opt to pay for an online ad campaign (eg: Google AdWords) then be careful not to get into a budget war with your competitors, especially if they have a larger ad budget than you.
And most of all: There are a plefora of SEO scammers that claim they can rank you number 1 overnight. Dont believe them its all lies. It takes much teadious perseverence to achieve good SEO and link rank.

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