Spread yourself and your products far and wide with our commercially minded IT solutions.
From your online shopping software and payment gateways to your business management we can help.

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Please employ our services to design, develop, and implement your website, software, and database applications, as well as your I.T. systems and infrastructure.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Green Tick Your Ideas

We have a diverse range of developers and can even engineer electronic equipment and devices.
This means we can make anything you can think up!
Please contact us to discuss how we will helpp you to realise your visions.

Green Tick Website Design and Development

We can work with you to design your website and then our professional programmers can render your website.
We can also take care of your domain names and even your hosting. To develop your enterprise website please place your order from our Website Design and Development page.

Green Tick Software Design and Development

From commercial applications, in-house applications, custom management systems, database interfaces, online and hosted systems with user management, inventory and tracking, whatever software you need.
If its not already made then lets make it. To develop your custom software application please place your order from our Software Design and Development page.

Green Tick Database Design and Development

Design and development, implementation, management, interfacing, integration, hosting, and even training courses for your databases.
Discuss with us your requirements and help us design your database schemas to best meet the needs of your enterprise. To develop your database please place your order from our Database Design and Development page.

Green Tick Systems Design and Development

Your I.T. infrastructure is the core of your information sharing and handling capabilities.
The efficiency of your enterprise relies on your systems so it is crucial that they are developed and implemented correctly. To develop your system please place your order from our Systems Design and Development page.
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