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Welcome to eKerner, please make yourself at home.

We make real the dreams, inventions, and innovations of business developers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries.

Here you will find everything you need to build whatever you may think up.

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Mobile Apps

eCommerce Solutions

Own a store, or just enjoy selling, become an online merchant with your own eShop.

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Hosted CRMs

Dont tie into CRM contracts, host your own CRM for full control of your business.

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Mobile Apps

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Design, develop and deploy your mobile app for android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

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Web Servcies

Authenticated Web Services

Connect your apps and devices to your hosted services, websites, and databases.

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Responsive Design

Responsive Website Upgrades

Move with the times and make your website render nicely in all devices and screen sizes.

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CMS Websites

CMS Websites

Custom create your modern, elegant, and responsive website with fully featured CMS.

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Mission Statement We aim to further enhance and improve our development environment which is trusted as being focused on making the dreams, inventions, and innovations of business developers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries come true. We pride ourselves in being known as the people who convert ideas into real accomplishment in an industry which is lost in its pointless and hollow struggle for profit and growth while achieving nothing of worth to the Earth or her people. We are the minority of doers amid a plethora of pretenders and procrastinators.

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