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Exclamation IconWho we are

Hello, My name is Eugene Reuben Kerner and I developed eKerner and most of her systems to date, well, not all alone and unassisted as I have the help of my friends, family, colleagues, and workmates.
I have been interested in and learning about computers and I.T. since I was a teenager.
I have been working in Information Technology and Computing for over 20 years, during which time I have been employed by a broad range of I.T. projects and developments accross many different fields.
For more detailed information on my skillset and history please see my Curriculum Vitae.
It is with great pleasure and honour that I can now apply my attained skills to helping inventors and innovators to make their ideas a reality.
Additionally, my immediate and most trusted circle of developers alone boast over 150 years of I.T. experience spanning a diverse range of fields and technologies.
If you can think it up, then we can make it.

Exclamation IconWhat we do

We aim to further enhance and improve our development environment which is trusted as being focused on making the dreams, inventions, and innovations of business developers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries come true. We pride ourselves in being known as the people who convert ideas into real accomplishment in an industry which is lost in its pointless and hollow struggle for profit and growth while achieving nothing of worth to the Earth or her people. We are the minority of doers amid a plethora of pretenders and procrastinators.

Exclamation IconHow we do it

We achieve outcomes by having excellent and diverse skills, proven and trusted infrastructure, as well as sound morals.
It is very important to me that we do what we do in a certain forum. Honesty and integrity are to be applied in all eKerner dealings.
So the basic policy here is to keep it real and honest, and it seems to be working so far
We hope that you feel open to extend us the same courtesies.

Exclamation IconWhere we do it

We are Australia based and our primary focus and client base are in our local region.
We also have randomly scattered online clients and contracts across Australia and the world.
If you like the way we do business and want to employ our services then please contact us and we will take a look at your requirements.

Exclamation IconWhen we do it

This is perhaps an irrelevant heading but you cant have a “Who What How Where When Why” without “When” 馃槈
Our service delivery ranges as follows: –
  • On demand: Small and urgent jobs are often executed ad-lib and as required. Dont put off untill tomorrow that which can be dome today.
  • By Arrangement: Some of the more complicated jobs take design and development time.
  • By Contract: The big jobs need research to accurately determine scope, negotiations until all parties agree on a plan, and then careful project management to accomplish.

Exclamation IconWhy we do it

At eKerner we believe in building and improving our capacity to provide stable, reliable, and effective development services to our clients while maintaining our in-house control and management of our systems and methodologies thus continuing to enhance our usefulness to inventors and innovators as a tightly secured and highly efficient creation engine.

Thanks and best regards,

Eugene Kerner.