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Please use the facilities on this page to order your database development and related services.
For assistance please phone us on 1300 94 93 94.

Service Order Form
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Application Design Workshop Application Design Workshop Sit down with a specialist and design software, database solutions, hosted services, management systems, or other applications. Such large scale and/or non-definative developments all begin with a consultancy to discuss at high level: design, tangability, approach, and plan. Each Qty unit is 2 hours of consultation and does not include travel to your venue for non-local clients. Info Icon $240 $0.00
Business Management Software Business Management Software Your Business Management Software to handle your accounting, invoicing and other management aspects of your enterprise dealings. Includes supply, installation, configuration, and traning course. For D.I.Y please click the info link in the next column. Info Icon $240 $0.00
Service Hosting Service Hosting Host Any Service. Application, Database, SMS, VOIP, Email, Comms, GPS, DNS, whatever you want to host. Price includes one year of our basic hosting plan. Price may increase for high bandwidth usage and does not include hardware if required (such as gateway modems etc). Info Icon $120 $0.00
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