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Please use the facilities on this page to order your website hosting and related services.
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Service Order Form
Step 1 – customize: This section is for optionally customizing your services.
Qty Item Description Info Price Total
Domain Name Registration Domain Name Registration Register your .com.au domain name for use by your website and email. eg. http://your_name.com.au delivers your website and admin@your_name.com.au delivers your email. Fee includes 2 years of domain name registration. Info Icon $30 $0.00
Website Design and Development Website Design and Development Your website is your online shopfront. Basic fee includes templated website with up to 3 pages containing word, link, and image content. Your website is branded with your logo, slogans, and color scheme if you have purchased our ‘Logo and Branding’ service or if you can provide. For additional webpages please see ‘Additional Web Pages’ in the next row. Info Icon $600 $0.00
Additional Web Pages Additional Web Pages Adds a webpage to your website. Price each includes a single web page containing word, link, and image content. You must already have a website, otherwise see ‘Website Design and Development’ in the previous row. Info Icon $120 $0.00
Website Hosting Website Hosting Host Your Website. Your website needs to reside on a website server. Price includes one year of our basic website hosting plan. If we make your website then your first year of hosting with us is free. Info Icon $60 $0.00
Service Hosting Service Hosting Host Any Service. Application, Database, SMS, VOIP, Email, Comms, GPS, DNS, whatever you want to host. Price includes one year of our basic hosting plan. Price may increase for high bandwidth usage and does not include hardware if required (such as gateway modems etc). Info Icon $120 $0.00
Email Hosting Email Hosting Hosted email server for your email addresses (eg: you@yourdomain.com.au). Fee includes on year of professional email hosting with unlimited email acocunts, POP, IMAP, SMTP, webmail client, and spam filtering. Info Icon $120 $0.00
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