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Please use the facilities on this page to order your hardcopy marketing and related services.
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Service Order Form
Step 1 – customize: This section is for optionally customizing your services.
Qty Item Description Info Price Total
Marketing Design Workshop Marketing Design Workshop Sit down with a specialist and design your marketing campaigns to best suit your enterprise. We can design and manage your online, hardcopy, and broadcast marketing campaigns. Each Qty unit is 2 hours of consultation and does not include travel to your venue for non-local clients. Info Icon $240 $0.00
Print Media Design Print Media Design Design and preparation of your print media such as letters, statements, brochures, flyers, etc. Fee includes 2 hours of graphic design work which is the minimum required time for most such work, and more complex designs may incur larger fees however we will inform you if that is the case. Info Icon $240 $0.00
Business Cards Business Cards Your personal business cards designed, produced, and delivered. Each Qty unit is a 500 business card batch. You can order as many batches as you like. Info Icon $180 $0.00
Flyers and Brochures Flyers and Brochures Hardcopy media such as flyers and brochures printed and delivered. Each Qty unit is a 500 piece batch of A4 (or smaller) single sided prints. Usually used in conjuction with our ‘Print Media Design’, ‘Mailing List’, and/or ‘Mail Delivery’ services. You can order as many batches as you like and prices may decrease when you reach bulk levels. Info Icon $260 $0.00
Signage Stickers Signage Stickers Signage for your vehicles, shop fronts, and other public banner advertising designed, produced, and delivered. Each Qty unit is 1m2 or less of adhesive print. Info Icon $300 $0.00
Letter or Statement Printing Letter or Statement Printing For printing of your standard A4 letters, statements, reports, etc. Each Qty unit is a 500 batch single sided A4 (or smaller) prints. Usually used in conjunction with our ‘Mail Delivery’ and perhaps ‘Mail Merge’ Services. Info Icon $180 $0.00
Mailing List Mailing List A list of mailing addresses extracted/exported from a data source. The data source may be anything from your customer database to public domain web services. The list is then used to send mail packages to your customers (ie. statements) and potential customers (ie. flyers). Info Icon $240 $0.00
Mail Merge Setup Mail Merge Setup For merging your mail recipients list with your statements, promos, and other print media. Each Qty is a setup for matching one address list to one print letter/statement/design. Mail Merge Setup is usually only required for your first batch of statements/letters. Usually used in conjunction with our ‘Letter/Statement Printing’, ‘Mail Delivery’, and/or ‘Mailing List’ services. Info Icon $240 $0.00
Mail Delivery Mail Delivery Mail delivery of your flyers, statements, or other post to mailing list. Each Qty unit is a 500 batch of standard DL size letters/parcels. Usually used in conjunction with our ‘Flyers and Brochures’, ‘Mail Merge’, and/or ‘Mailing List’ services. Info Icon $320 $0.00
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