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Terms of website use: –

If your computer or software crashes, stops working, or breaks while using this website then please acknowledge that information technology is a deeply complex thing with many levels and many things can go wrong.
The chance that any given error was definitively caused by our software is real but small.
We thoroughly test our software and do everything in our power to prevent software and system failure, however if you experience problems while using our website then please send us your Feedback and we will do what is our onus to help.
Please also note that we are IT professionals so if you need a solution then please dont hesitate to Contact Us.

Conditions of website use: –

If you post or publish any content that we consider inappropriate, offensive, spam, or abuse then the said content may be removed, and additionally your membership may be revoked and your IP address and/or email address(es) may be banned and/or black-listed.
If you abuse and distress one of our staff members or clients then you will almost certainly be held responsible in a court of law.

Shop returns policy: –

We do not offer returns on downloadable/non-returnable products such as software.

Basically, lets all get along and respect one and other.

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